Sign up now: International Summer Workshop 2016

Sign up now: International Summer Workshop 2016 “Family matters!?”
27th of August – 4th of September 2016 at Stiftung wannseeFORUM
+++  International Summer Workshop 2016 is fully booked. Sign up for the waiting list via email: +++

This year we are once again inviting 40 young people between the ages of 18 and 26 from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain and Italy to our International Summer Workshop at wannseeFORUM in Berlin. Our programm consists of nine days of international youth exchange through artistic workshops and group activities to our topic „Family matters!?“.

At a glance:

During the International Summer Workshop you can …

    • get to know youths from all over Europe
    • investigate different aspects of the topic of „Family“ together
    • work with professional artists and participate in small groups of intense artistic workshops
    • develop a final public presentation with your group
    • initiate group activities
    • enjoy our beautiful lakeside premises and delicious cuisine
    • discover Berlin

More about the topicprogrammeregistration.

Dance Workshop ISW 2015

What is it about?

Our topic „Family matters!?“ discusses a theme that is ever present in our lives: Famil(ies). We are born into a family (we all know the idiom „Blood is thicker than water“), we identify with them, disconnect from them, cut them off or seek connection and eventually start our own. Family has become a political and societal dispute, whether it be about „new“ family models („Patchwork Families“, „Same-sex Parenting“), marriage equality, gender roles, the responsibility of taking care of the family in an ageing society, or the immigration of joining family members in refugee policies.

But what makes a family? What ideas and images do we associate with the term? Who decides who is included or excluded? How do family and identity interconnect? And what do people in our European partner countries think and feel about this topic? These and many more questions will be on this year’s agenda.

Music Workshop ISW 2015

Our programme

We will be spending nine days in our international group together at wannseeFORUM. Every day we will delve deeper into the topic „Family matters!?“ in our group and in the artistic workshops of 8 to 11 participants. Under the guidance of professional artists you will  develop and create an art project using your ideas, research and experiences, which will be publicly  presented at the end of the seminar.
Building the artistic groups will take place on the second day of the exchange in the entire group and for every participating country we have reserved 2-3 places in each workshop group.
Apart from the daily workshop programm there will also be shared activities and excursions to the Berlin center. At wannseeFORUM we have a theatre hall, different studios, free Wifi and beautiful lakeside grounds at our disposal.

Planned artistic workshops (may be subject to change):
Music, dance, theatre, comic and performance
(more information on the workshops will be released in June)

Partner organisations 2016:
Poland: MDK Torun / Teatr UHURU, Gryfino
Czech Republic: Gymnasium Rožnov pod Radhoštem
Spain: Centro de Investigación Flamenco Telethusa (CIFT), Cádiz
Italy: P.E.CO. – Progetti Europei di Cooperazione, Genova

English, German and any other language you feel will help you communicate

Theatre performance ISW 2015

Sign up
+++  International Summer Workshop 2016 is fully booked. Sign up for the waiting list via email: +++

We would ask participants who live in Germany to sign up directly through our Online Form. Participants from Poland, Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic are asked to sign up through our partner organisations.

At a glance: our most important terms and conditions of participation:

  • you are between the ages of 18 to 26 during the time period of the seminar
  • you are interested in our topic for this year’s seminar
  • you would like to develop or discover artistic skills
  • you are interested in working artistically, learning and living with a diverse group
  • you understand and speak enough English to order a meal
  • you have the time to plan a small assignment (e.g. using online exchange) with the rest of the German group before the seminar starts
  • you are interested in developing the communal living of the group
  • No previous artistic skills necessary.

We consider different factors when selecting participants from Germany (for example, age, gender, previous visits etc.) to ensure a diverse mix of people. The deadline to sign up is the 4th July 2016 (after that it will only be possible to sign up in case there are still places available). After filling out the sign up form you will be redirected to a confirmation message for the moment. At a later time we will send you either a participation confirmation or a refusal, depending on our number of applicants, per email.
This is the link to the complete version of the terms and conditions to participating (AGB) and the link to the sign up form.

Costs: 125 € (for participants living in Germany) / 95 € (for participants from partner countries), incl. accommodation (4 meals per day) und overnight stay in mostly 2- to 3-bed-rooms with personal bathrooms.
Thanks to our funding through the “Erasmus+ / YOUTH IN ACTION” EU-programme we can reimburse travel costs up to 70%.

Contact: Lukas Macher, Email contact , Tel.: +49 /(0)30 – 806 80 21

The International Summer Workshop 2016 is supported through the European Union, „Erasmus+/ YOUTH IN ACTION“ programme.