ISW2012: Day three: Hello Berlin – here we are!

Monday, 27.8.2013

After a forenoon of workshop-working the afternoon was free to discover Berlin – but not just in one way… The locals of our group prepared very different sight seen tours to show the participants more than just one face of the capital.

„Discover Kreuzberg“ – This tour wanted to explore the district Kreuzberg because it is one of the most creative and interesting neighborhoods in Berlin. Here you can see very diverse things in matters of art, food and attitudes. A walk along the east side gallery, an impressiv visit of a mosque and catching the atmosphere in Görlitzer Park were parts of this tour organized by a participant.
„Shopping tour“ – Finding the most interesting shopping-possibilities was the slogan of this tour. If secondhand, the shopping mall KdWe or the little stores at Hackescher Markt, in Berlin everyone can find something unique. You can buy a strange souvenir or a diamond if you want, during you have a great time walking through the streets.

© Danica Matovic

Street art“ – During this tour the participants got the chance to see a verity of street art: graffiti, stick art and collages. Going through the streets and discover paintings is an adventure in Berlin. Get a look of the „Haus Schwarzenberger“, it´s creative backyard and have a break at café cinema to enjoy the atmosphere made this tour to something special.
„Classic sight seen“ – This tour was focusing on the classic emblems of Berlin. Taking the unofficial tourism-bus number 100 and have a great view on the town´s landmark. Explore the center of the city, going through the Brandenburger gate, have a walk on the Museumsinsel and enjoying an interesting exhibition at guggenheim museum were just some fragments of the classic tour.