ISW2012: Day five – Selmas experiences

Wednesday, 29.8.2012

„At the beginning when I found out that I will be a part of a summerworkshop in Berlin I was very excited. I could`t believe it until the 12th of august – when I started my journey to Berlin. I could`t wait to arrive in Berlin to see what kind of worship it is going to be, who are the participants,… .For me this is the first experience. I am a big activist, I have participated in a lot of seminaries, trainings and workshops but for the first time I am participating outside of Macedonia. I will never forget this workshop. The whole organization is great, the participants are wonderful as well as the facilitators. I am part of the video grow and I´ve learned very useful things. I am very happy that I am part of this summerworkshop.“

by Selma Eminoska