ISW2012: Day eight – Presentation of the voices!

Saturday, 1.9.2012

On this saturday it is time to present the results of the hard work of the last days. Some of the participants rehearsed the whole night or tryed to finish their work in the dark room. This morning everyone seems to be a bit nervous but also very proud about their creations. During the week the participants thought about the topic I have a voice in their artworkshops – now there is the moment when every group can share the different perspectives, emotions and implementation with each other.

© Wojciech Strecker

The DANCE group creates a wonderful beginning of the summerworkshop-show. Beside the awesome choreography, the dancers learned to express divers emotiones with their bodies and faces.

The BLACK AND WITHE PHOTOGRAPHY- group impressed with a variety of photos. The results of analog photography and working in the darkroom were presented in an exhibition.

The MUSIC- group presents an amazing show with solos, duetts and more. „shut up the silence…!“

© Wojciech Strecker

ART PERFORMANCE. This group shows us an onion without an opinion, a strange poet and an incradeble performance about power and leadership.

The play of the THATER-group presents different attidudes and roles in matters of demonstration and participation.

The VIDEO-group created a short movie about hope and how to believe in changes, named „changing EARTHie“:

After the big presentation some of the participants raised up their voices at the demonstration of „Jugend verschwindet“ – a demonstration against reduction of financial resources for youth cultures and places. Others start to prepared the great barbecue and the spanish party. This evening was the chance to celebrate, to be proud about the workshop-results and to enjoy the remaining time with each other. A lot of music, dance, voices, experiences and tears were shared this evening and the whole week.

It was a really incredible time. Goodbye and Thank you.