ISW2012: Day six & seven – Work, work, workshop!

Thursday, 30.8.2012 & Friday, 31.8.2012

During last days the participants were working in their workshop-groups. For some of them it is the first time they got in contact with photography, theater or dance, others can follow their passion in the workshops. But for all it is a new and exiting experience to work together on a special subject. Finding a theme or question and an artistic way to articulate this , is a long process of discussions, creative trial and error, thinking about useful resources and making compromises.

The theater-group choosed the topic occupy wall street and anonymous. They tried to figure out how this complex topics can be represented on a stage and how their own experiences can also be part of the play.

In Zarko`s music-group everybody has the chance to try different things. It is not just about playing instruments like piano, xylophone or drums, it is also about writing own texts and melodies. So the participants had the opportunity to find a quite and loud way of dealing with the topic „I have a voice“. The creative atmosphere in the musicroom is almost ready to hand. And yes they have voices – wonderful voices.

Helena´s poem

We have a voice for say that we are sad.
We have a voice for say that we don´t feel good in our country.
We have a voice for say that with our studies we are going to work abroad.
We have a voice for change things we don´t like.

by Helena Lanza from Spain