„I have a voice“ – Start Internationale Sommerwerkstatt/International Summerworkshop 2012

Start of the International Summerworkshop „I have a voice“ from August 25th – September 1st 2012 at wannseeFORUM: WELCOME EVERYBODY!

This year young and creative people from Macedonia, Poland, Spain, Serbia, Czech, Germany, Sweden and Belarus traveled to Berlin because they want to get together in wannseeForum to have an exchange of thoughts, ideas and experiences .

„I have a voice“ is the topic of our summerworkshop. We ask ourselves the question how can young people form their society, take part in decision- making and raise up their voices? In artistic workshops the participants work on this hard question and try to figure out in what kind of way ART can be a resource for democratic processes.

But on the first day also other demands were important: „what´s your name?“, „do you like acting,singing, dancing?“, „how many languages do you speak?“, „can you borrow me your toothpaste – I forgot mine?“, „what´s your passion?“ , … ?