Methods and Objectives

Our educational resources are directed first and foremost towards youth, as well as adults working with youth. We see ourselves as experts from a diverse group of occupations, seeking to inspire and support young people, helping them to engage in critical discourse with the world around them. In doing so, we take their views and insights seriously. Mutual understanding is the prerequisite for a reciprocal learning process, which in turn leads to new insights. We are not however, satisfied with tepid mutual accolades, but seek to foster a productive, and sometimes confrontational working style. The arts and new media help make it easier for youth to present their own comprehensible positions. As well as expanding cognitive skills, our seminars aim to promote growth and awareness in the realm of social and emotional education.

We are rooted in modern adult education, and share our practical experience at events for teaching personnel. Artists and theatre teachers are available to participants, as partners in the teaching/learning process. Advanced training is generally product-oriented, with a final presentation as the objective.