Political Education and Emancipation

Topics such as globalisation, refugee policy and nutrition make up this part of our program. Seminars tend to vary depending upon current global affairs. One feature does, however, remain constant; in order to stimulate political engagement, seminars encourage critical debate about hierarchies and power structures. Participants dig through background knowledge, discover interdependencies, and learn a wide variety of often disparate positions within their respective subject areas.

As teachers and pupils, we strive to attain knowledge together, which in turn helps lead to independent thought. All participants should be be able to express their own interests and come to  their own qualified conclusions. To this end, with a focus on core democratic values, we promote critical self-reflection with regards to privilege and preconception.

Artistic projects help to allow the individual grasp specific issues. By doing, participants relate directly to what they are learning. By presenting and publicising newly acquired insight in the form of arts and media, new ideas become part of a greater debate. As an example, this could come in the form of a theatre or radio presentation. Participants thus discover the means and ways in which to become politically active.