Successful Learning

Attending a wannseeFORUM seminar means active learning.

Learning does not just happen during our artistic workshops, media workshops and plenary events, but 24 hours a day.

Learning is the ability to learn together, from one another, and by helping others.
Learning, at the same time, means engaging one another in critical discourse and wrestling out results.
Learning means assimilating knowledge, insights, and impulses, and integrating them into day-to-day life.
Learning means working on the seminar topic together, towards a common goal, both in small teams and with the entire group.
Learning at the wannseeFORUM also means organising leisure time in such a way as to engage with others, to recognise and accept each other’s differences, and to interact with mutual respect and esteem in all situations.

Part of successful learning becomes visible during final presentations at the end of the seminar. By that time, participants will have achieved a common goal. Highly motivated and qualified instructors accompany the participants during this process. The evaluation process of our seminars helps to assure that successful learning remains a vital, living process.