Annette Ullrich Programme Manager New Media

  • Teacher training for secondary school, German and art education
  • Worked as a teacher (German, Italian), independent journalist for the arts, educational project manager, as well as city, town and regional development project manager
  • Co-author of the gameplay and application process “Leipziger Messespiel,” XAGA-Spiele,” and “Alles Dresden,” as well as the development project “Naturpark Muldenland” – Regional Online Game as an Instrument in Learning and Participation Processes.
  • 2001 to 2006 Research assistant for the research and development program, “Learning Culture for Skill Development,” at ABWF/QUEM in the LEA, Study and Development Agency.
  • Since 2007 Consultant for youth education at The wannseeFORUM Berlin, in the Political Youth Education Program of the German Educational Institutions Working Group; 2007 – 2010 Member of the project group “Models of Political Education with New Media.”
  • Since August 2007 Instructor for New Media at The wannseeFORUM
  • Since 2011 Coordinator at The Globalisation and Media Communication Project Group
  • Member of the “Spielquadrat, Using Play as a Tool in Learning and Developmental Processes” work group