ISW2012: Day 2 – Let´s start!

Sunday, 26.8.2012

Before the workshops can start – we wanted to know some more about every individual person but also about the situation and possibilities in matters of codetermine participants experienced in their countries. With the aid of a personal interview and a group presentation of every country we became a first impression about the perspectives and life circumstances of every person.
Now the participants had to make a difficult choice – which workshop fits to me: black and with photography, art performances, dance, video, theater or music? After the decisions finding process the workshop-groups started to work.

In the evening we organized a „cultural night“. Every participant had the opportunity to show and share something special of her or his personal culture with the group. We saw nice movies and impressive dances, we listened to tuneful voices and fascinating stories, tasted and smelled swedish fish. So we had a great diversity of things people connect with their everyday life, their native region and their individual lifeArt. Thank you for that!