ISW2013: Day five – Stellas thoughts…

Wednesday, 28.8.2013

Besides participating in the video workshop Stella is expressing her thoughts about usability in poetry.

the fear

this you will never reach!
it feels like falling from a tree
your destiny little peach
thats how life goes, you see?

jealousy around your beauty
invisible walls around you
you will never break out cutie
but actually they have no clue

because I will do what I want
and I will use you as a servant

this walls I will defeat
and I will use you as my seat
so helpless you gonna be
thats how I will do it, you see!


decisions over decisions

why you are able lead my life
I am addicted to you
even though I will never try it
I know that I am not able to defeat you
our lifes are marionettes in a theater
I am gonna cut the lines
running round running through the darkness
maybe I will find a light
if not, I can even say that it was me
who was actually trying