ISW2013: Day six and seven – Working on it

Thursday, 29.8.2013 & Friday, 30.8.2013


The work process is looking different in every workshop. But figuring out the diverse aspects of youth and usability and how to make them visible in a specific Art form is their common ground. What they do also share is a high concentration and patience.
Learning the technic of cutting a movie, be aware of the body, concentrate on story-telling, try to make a performance, working with chemicals in the darkroom.

Food for thought (Jan Ondruch, Czech Republic)

A couple of hours before my participation in a dancing workshop began, I had no clue how it would look like, what kind of content to await. Actually, none of the other dancers really knew what to expect. So as the workshop started, I was slightly struck by the way we worked and proceeded. I was struggeling a lot, I didn’t know any real dancing moves and moreover, I was pretty shy and nervous. But as we slowly went through many different excercises, my psychological barriers were broken and I started to move and feel truly freely. Later on, I inspirated myself by the other dancers and tried to copy their movements… those guys motivated me a lot, to be honest.

Eventually, after a week of practising, we pulled off this cool dancing performance, full of diverse choreographies, techniques and moves. I guess, after just a week, this was something, at least for me, incredible. Well, I didn’t tell you this story only to express my feelings… Not really. Because when you think about it a little, this dancing working progress sort of resembles contemporary unemployment situation. In general, young people’s struggeling with life. You know, there are lots of persons that claim they are not good enough at something. They are unable to find a job because they say: „It’s too damanding for me, I could never do that.“… In my opinion, they can’t be more wrong. You are always good at least at one thing, whatever it is… Likewise this dancing.

At the beginning, a lot of us in workshop thought that they cannot dance. However, in the end, they found out that they can make unique awesome movements, that others cannot. They managed to discover their own specialities, which made them distinctive. So for each person, who is afraid that he or she won’t find a job in the future, I say: „Everyone of us is a unique person and is special in something. Don’t let the others tell you you are not good enough at it. Prove them wrong instead.“