Workshop and Exchange Meeting

European Culture of Resistance against Fascisms

Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
Mar 20, 2021, Online conference with workshops, lecture and talks


Today’s Europe developed as a project in resistance to its past fascisms. In a workshop and conference program, young people together with artists, scientists, cultural and educational experts will explore artistic possibilities of fighting fascist ideas as an instrument of realizing (European) community. How can artistic and curatorial practices counter racist and antisemitic thoughts? Can soil hold a counter-memory? Could an anti-racist and anti-sexist gaming culture benefit a diverse European community? How can human rights education look like?

Four thematic workshops for youth and young adults – Arts of Resistance, Communities of Resistance, Digital Resistance, Education of Resistance – revolve around these questions. Workshop participants can also attend a presentation by students from St. Pölten, Zagreb, Berlin and Bolzano: They will speak about how they created art works based on resistance songs, poems, graffiti from 1939 to 1945 – and what can be learned from historic resistance fighters for the here and now.

In a concluding public lecture, Jonathan Horowitz will share insights on his artistic and curatorial work. Followed by a conversation with the artist and photographer Wolfgang Tillmans, he will investigate the potential art offers to fight racism and anti-Semitism.


Workshops with Barbara Staudinger & Sebastian Cichocki (Arts of Resistance); Galia Bar-Or & Milica Tomic (Communities of Resistance); Total Refusal: Digital Disarmament Movement & Keinen Pixel den Faschisten! (Digital Resistance); Jean-Philippe Restoueix, Roman Fröhlich, Katja Pratschke & Active Bystander Company (Education of Resistance)

In cooperation with Foundation Between Bridges, HASENHERZ Vienna, Foundation wannseeFORUM Berlin and University of Applied Arts Vienna


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